Belle Vallée

Belle Vallée

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  1. Fashionista

    à la Mode

    Nestled in an ellipse of 18K Rose gold rests a 0.750ct green tourmaline. Crowning the gem is an intricate swirl of gold, inlaid with 5 accent diamonds at 0.010ct. A pendant of notable daintiness. Learn More
  2. Fashionista


    This sophisticated 0.577ct green tourmaline pendant is robed in 18K Rose gold. Seven accent diamonds at 0.024ct accentuate the curve of the frame. Intertwined at the neck, the pendant hints at flirtatious entanglement. Learn More
  3. Ballerina


    A dainty quatrefoil of 18K Rose gold with 12 accent diamonds at 0.037ct encircles a 0.750ct pink tourmaline. The Prima ballerina of pendants will pirouette gracefully along a fine gold chain. Learn More
  4. Avant-garde


    A 4.104ct amethyst is nonchalantly underlined by 11 diamonds of 0.026ct each. An asymmetrical triangle of 18K rose gold frames the gems. This pendant is innovative and new-fashioned. Feel inspired. Learn More
  5. Daylily


    The pendant on this 18” Necklace features a 0.470ct greenish blue tourmaline dipped in 18K Rose gold; encircled in a gold ellipse. The ellipse is partially adorned with 11 accent diaminds with a total weight of 0.033ct. Enjoy the delightful freshness. Learn More
  6. Cosmo


    This pendant twinkles like a sky full of stars. The 18K White gold frame hugs an elegantly cut 2.413ct blue topaz, and is accented by 9 diamonds with a total weight of 0.025 ct. The frame and the blue topaz can be worn separately, flaunting a unique three-in-one design. Let yourself shine. One of a kind. Learn More
  7. Secret


    This pendant need not steal your heart because it holds the key. An 18” Rose gold necklace clasps a 0.655ct greenish blue tourmaline embelished with 3 accent diamonds weighing in at 0.011ct. The secret is peace within. Learn More
  8. Glamour


    This 0.939ct pink tourmaline pendant features a unique frame of 18K Rose gold dressed with 7 accent diamonds at 0.034ct. Perfectly balanced; timeless yet modern; curvy with an edge. One of a kind. Learn More
  9. Lucky


    A 0.383ct pink tourmaline escapes from a dainty quatrefoil of 18K Rose gold embellished with 12 accent diamonds at 0.046ct. This pendant, which dangles from an 18” 18K Rose gold necklace, is a whimsical combination of classic and trendy. Learn More
  10. Pirouette


    A 0.832ct pink tourmaline dangles prettily from a dainty gold bow. Outstretched arms of 18K Rose gold, embedded with16 accent diamonds at 0.038ct, link the pendant to the fine 18” necklace Learn More