Gold jewelry is never out of trend. This winter, you can explore the latest styles of gold jewelry that's making rounds in the world of fashion.  

The first of these would be the thin gold chainswhich are flaunted with almost every type of attire. These are the most exciting and convenient jewelry in the market right now. You can wear it with a bold and expressive pendant. Or perhaps just wear them layered at different heights. These thin neckpieces are great to be worn to work as well. To add to its elegance, you can spice it with a beautiful gemstone set in rose gold or white gold pendant. These dainty gold necklaces are indeed a class apart. 


Here's A Quick Guide To Help You Decide The Best Gold Jewelry With The Outfit Of Your Choice:

  • Wearing It Simple

A few of you might prefer subtle shades in clothing with minimal designs. Thin and sleek gold chains with an elegant pendant would add grace and simplicity to your appearance. White, black and grey go naturally with winter.  Color stones can really add the vivid freshness that breaks up the monotony. Those who are looking for something vivid, original and different, here’s our contribution to you: Belle Vallée. 

  • Shades of Gold

Most of us imagine a yellow-gold shade when there is a mention of Gold jewelry. However, there is more to it. There are various varieties of Gold available in the market like White, Rose, Green. These are not only beautiful, they are also unique, and express sophistication and fashion.  If you wish to adorn a unique and graceful look, opt for varying shades of Gold and pair them up with solid color clothing.

  • The Classic Look

It is the winter season, and you have an evening affair to attend. Most of you would opt for dark shade clothing, like the black, navy or maroon evening dress. These colors work best when it comes to pairing with Gold jewelry. Depending on the neckline of the dress, select a Gold necklace that goes well with it. You can opt for bold, chunky Gold jewelry if it is an informal affair. Or, settle for a broad, sold Gold piece for an elegant look.

  • Pairing It Up

Having color to complement the Gold is sophistication. Gemstones come in the all hues of the rainbow.  Take your pick!  What mood are you in today? Serene? Green tournament would work. Energetic?  Rubellite might draw more people toward you.  And of course, to make a statement, big stone rings can spice up your look instantly.

  • A Shiny Affair

Another bold style is the majestic gold ringed links necklace. This is a very fashionable style that represents freedom and passion. This necklace is simple yet stunning with the big gold rings interlinked to form an extraordinary piece of jewelry. This state-of-the-art design is unique and compellingly attractive. It adorns more of an informal look. It may not be the ideal choice to wear to work unless you are in the fashion industry, nevertheless, it gives your jewelry style a distinct makeover.  These fantastic necklaces can be worn either short or long, and work with a wide variety of necklines. 

  • Creating A Fashion Statement

If you have gorgeous facial features, big and bold Gold earrings will highlight them. The big earrings will catch the attention towards your face and make your features stand out. Similarly, if you have beautiful hands, adorning a Gold bracelet with a few pearls or stones will give you a perfect look. 

The clothing for the winter tends to be dark and elegant, Gold is the new Bold! Get yourself the finest jewelry designs that are trendy and elegant and spice up your look with the evergreen love of all - Gold.