The Emotions of Blue


When it comes to choosing a favorite color, Blue can win hands down with an overwhelming number of people finding it perfect for any occasion and season. The color of sky and ocean, Blue is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors.

So what makes the world swing towards blue? It definitely has to  do with the emotions and moods the color evokes for those who   wear and see it. Here are top five things blue does to your mind   and body to make it irresistible all year round.

  • The name of the game is “Keep Calm”
    Color Blue produces calming chemicals that infuse the air with peace and tranquility –   a much needed break in today’s minute to minute lifestyle.
  • Pick it for Loyal Vibes
    Blue exudes integrity, dependability and trust, which make it a preferred option for professional attire or conservative gatherings.
  • You rule with Blue
    The color lends an authoritative demeanor to the wearer without much effort. For times when you want to feel in control with unmatched confidence, go for blue.
  • Blue can be surprising
    Not everything is subtle with this color. Electric and brilliant blues are highly engaging hues that express drama, dynamism and exhilaration. 
  • It is all about conversations
    Subconsciously blue is the color associated with speech. Wearing blue encourages communication and hearing, both with self (for self introspection) and with others.

This season’s shade of blue is Baby Boy Blue – is inspired by the ever expansive ocean and the continuity of the sky. One example to celebrate the color blue is our own Atlantis featuring kyanite in the darker navy peony blue (a 2017 winter favorite color), and aquamarine in the lighter baby boy blue, a nice transition from the deep winter to the warm spring.  Other popular blue gems include sapphire, tanzanite, zircon, topaz, lapis, turquoise, quartz, and the rare and priceless blue diamond.


How you can rock blue

Color coordination between clothes and jewelry can make or break your overall look. Blue, of all colors, is the classiest. If paired incorrectly, it can ruin the beauty of this timeless color.

Make sure you put your best blue foot forward with these quick styling tips.

1.Light it up with Silver and Gold
Blue goes amazingly well with the traditional gold color to give a glitzy glamour feel. Likewise a cool contemporary look is conjured by pairing blue with silver, as in this one of a kind Cosmo, featuring blue topaz and 18k white gold.  Either way you will look radiant and chic.  

2.Magic of Blue on Blue
For a striking effect try and pair light and dark shades of blue together like navy with turquoise for that diva -like effect. Even minty hues work great with blue making it ideal for all occasions, to create a dramatic look: Midnight Waltz.

3.Blue Yellow Sojourn
The decent and somber blue can be made lively in seconds by adding a generous dose of spunky yellow to the outfit. Add a dash of white accents as blazer or shoes and you achieve that look to die for.  An example of paring yellow and blue in a necklace to go with a white blouse is Seven Seas, featuring turquoise, citrine, freshwater pearls. Nicely tie all the colors together.

4. Add rosy flush
Blue accessories can reach soaring heights when worn with a pinch of pink - be it coral or champagne colored outfits. It adds to the grandeur of this royal color.Do your remember this rhyme from yonder years?“Pink and blue will never do ‘cause all the boys will wink at you.”Flout tradition and let yourself flourish.  For an example of a rare color combination that creates harmony with contrasts, here’s our Ocean Blush.

 Blue is favorite color of most people. It creates a deep connection within, and is versatile in fashion.  Have you discovered your fashion panache with blue? 

To find your shade of blue, go to our search bar in the upper right and type in your favorite blue gemstone.  If you own a store, and would like to view and/or order a collection of our designs with shades of blue, Click here