Exotic. Edgy. Powerful - Unique Color Combinations in Fashion

When it comes to fashion, there are color combinations that are conventional, and safe to wear pretty much everywhere. And there are others that are out of the ordinary. These are unique, edgy, powerful, setting the wearers apart. Here are a few perfectly unique color combinations and accessories that completely rock them, to make you equal parts alluring and enigmatic.


Maroon And Beige:

Nothing brightens the sinful grace of maroon like beige does. Beige color gives a hint of conservative while maroon is bold and scandalously alluring. You could go with a beige blouse and then pair it up with a maroon silk skirt to give you the elegance of maroon and the softness of beige. It keeps you dangerously teetering on the verge of sensual, but keeps you from falling over into depths of boring. You could go with a long velvet dress with the bodice a pretty shade of beige and then blending into darker shades until it falls at your feet in folds of maroon. The jewelry that would really stand out with this combination would be long 18K rose gold earrings that compliment both maroon and beige. If you want to go for color, rhodolite garnet would echo the maroon nicely.


Silver And Grey:

While silver gives you the shine and glamor of a socialite, grey tones down the glamour of silver to give the dress a more somber touch. You could wear a silver sequenced blouse and then pair it up with a grey skirt. Or you could go for a maxi dress that has a fitted silver bodice and falls down the length of your legs in varying shades of grey. You could also wear a halter neck grey dress, embroidered with silver sequence neckline and hem. You could pair them up with a couple of high heeled shoes and a silver clutch, and head out on your merry way to conquer the world in platform heels. Long silver dangle earrings are sensual and will go with this combination.


Peach And Teal:

Peach and teal go hand in hand for a soft glowing look that is the perfect summer look. Willowy chiffon dresses that flutter around your legs in the warm summer breeze could be the perfect way to start your summer. While teal will give your dress a touch of the ocean, a light shade of peach will soften it to match the perfect summer hues. The perfect jewelry to flaunt with peach would be pearls that come with the natural peach body color and overtone. If you’d like to emphasize teal, turquoise would do the trick. To combine the two in one pair of earrings or necklace, you can always talk to a local jewelry store, or reach out to us at create@sharonwei.com.


Prussian Blue And Copper:

Prussian blue represents everything mysterious and evasive while nothing makes a bold statement like copper. The copper color is obvious and very out there while Prussian blue is a shade of ambiguity and uncertainty. The two balance each other perfectly. You could get an evening gown with a fitted bodice shaded in hues of copper, and then a Prussian blue skirt stitched to the bodice and pooling around your feet like a raging waterfall of dark and dangerous. London blue topaz in 18K rose gold would the perfect complement.


Blush And Wine Red:

Blush represents romance and charm while wine red represents heat and passion. These two shades go together perfectly, balancing out the essence of the other while simultaneously complimenting each other. Blush symbolizes softness and feminine charm while wine red could be symbolized with ardent fervor. You could go for a long one-piece dress that starts out in blush pink and then fades into deeper colors until it reaches a distinct wine red from right below your calves. For a more glamorous look, you can go for chokers. For blush, pink opal is the nature’s perfect blush, with rhodolite garnet being the nature’s red wine captured in a gem. Or a simple strand of black pearl tops, it will enhance the overall elegance, romance and passion.