Jewelry That Do the Trick with High Rise Jeans?


The answer is: Yes!


Let’s start with the jeans. I personally love high rise jeans. If you’re slim and tall, high rise jeans will accentuate your legs, make them look long and sensual. If you have a few extra pounds, high rise jeans can bring out the curves, and accentuate your femininity. So who do high rise skinny jeans really work for? Literally everyone. High rise jeans give the perfect definition to your hips and thighs and accentuate the dip of your waist. They give a perfect shape to your body, glamorizing the overall look.


The tops that go well with high rise jeans are usually simpler in pattern, style and design. A white silk top, a flowy blouse in soft tan, beige, pastel pink, for a relaxed and sophisticated look. For a powerful statement, go with a black top. Some women prefer to go for a finer approach with their tops. For those women, lace is the perfect choice. The best thing about lace is that it works with almost every other article of clothing.


To complete the look, pair your outfit with stylish accessories. Here are some suggestions:

1. Earrings Go for a pair of earrings and leave your neck bare. For earrings you want something simple, small and delicate. They give a prettier and more feminine look and make you look perfectly accessorized.


2. Necklaces with V-Neck High waist jeans look even better when paired with V-neck tops. To show off your clavicles, a Y-shaped necklace is the perfect match. Y-shaped necklaces add movement, communicate a touch of liveliness and subtlety.


3. Leather hand bands Jeans and leather hand bands are an ever green combination. You can wear a single or three to four leather hand bands to give off a trendy look.


4. Chokers If you want to give off an attractive vibe with your high rise jeans, go with a plain top and a choker. A choker is a necklace that hugs your neckline, is usually 16” in length. A choker gives a clean and high fashion look and feel.


5. Other alternatives include metal hoop earrings, they give your face a broader definition and go well with a conservative top paired with a gold cuffed bracelet.


High rise jeans make you more composed with your overall look. They add glamour to the upper body. When you complement and flaunt it with the right accessories, you will accomplish a look that communicates a casual flair, trendiness and sophistication.