The Emotions of Red


It’s no secret that red is the undisputed boldest member of the color wheel. The hot hue has ruled the world of gemstones with its earthy and energetic glory. Whether it is the classic ruby or the exotic red diamond, there is no way you can escape the charm of this eye-catching shade.


It has also become a jewelry box favorite with red variants of gemstones like garnet, rubellite, beryl, zircon, sunstone, agate, jasper and fire opal finding more and more buyers.


Any color forecast is incomplete without red in it. Spring 2018’s hottest colors include Cherry Tomato and Chili Oil; both rich shades of red.

What makes red so irresistible?

  • Deep and grounded shades of red, like the famous Italian wine Marsala, exude confidence, energy, and comfort that feed our mind, body and soul.
  • Ruby reds are said to balance the heart and offer playful excitement. A perfect ingredient to keep you warm in winter chills.
  • Red ignites love and passion with its stimulating and contemporary vibes, making it all the rage for every season.
  • As a dominating color it adds gravity to your overall personality and allows you to garner the right kind of attention.

Wear red alone and let the color speak for you. Red assumes an edgy feel when worn with unusual choices like purple, caramel, gold, and even fuchsia.

Mix red with animal prints or florals. Red is bold – you can be bolder.

Red is intense. Red is dynamic. And as they say in world of fashion – You are dead without RED.


How to wear Red


Red is exciting. Red is hot. That is a given. How to wear it and make it look just right is an art. Red is bold and hence can be overwhelming to onlookers. Using it cautiously, with just the correct dose of drama, can be a show stealer.

Here are some quick notes for those who want a red-hot show.


1. Red is a Crowd Puller
Red tops the charts when it comes to drawing attention to your dress up. Make sure it assumes the center stage in a classy way; having a single element of red in your outfit does the trick. If you are wearing a statement piece in red, keep the other elements nude and dull, allowing the red to shine out, example: Glamor.


2. Tried and Tested Complements
Red works wonderfully with some color tones by adding charismatic personality to the wearer. Pair it with black, grey, white, beige and light blue to see its magic unfold, as you will see in our design Mulberry Bush.


3. Contemporary

Red assumes an edgy feel when worn with unusual choices like purple, caramel, gold, and even fuchsia. Adding a red accessory will balance your look and make for a memorable appearance: see our Evening Star.

4. Red and Wild

Red looks great with animal prints; tiger stripes, leopard spots, crocodile skin patterns, zebra stripes, Dalmatian spots, a splash of faux-fur, whatever compliments your wild side.
The really brave hearted can go for an all red ensemble to put their most confident foot forward with Passion.

Be it red shoes, a red hat, or a stunning red pendant like Di-Classe, you can be sure that whatever red you choose, it will be a winner. As Audrey Hepburn rightly said – “There is a shade of red for every woman”.


To find your shade of red, go to our search bar in the upper right and type in your favorite red gemstone.  If you own a store, and would like to view and/or order a collection of our designs with shades of red, Click here.