COLUMBUS, Ohio – August 21, 2017 – Today sees the launch of a new nature inspired collection: di Terra by Sharon Wei, a jewelry designer who specializes in gemstone fashion.


Similar to her previous collections, di Terra uses genuine gemstones and freshwater pearls. A departure from the past is that most gemstones used in di Terra have earthy tones. Also new is the hand braided silk rope that makes up a large part of most of the necklaces. This variance creates a look and feel that speaks peace and tranquility; making the wearer feel at one with nature.


Another unique feature of the entire di Terra Collection is the hand braided silk loop in lieu of the traditional sterling or gold clasp. While you are living life, di Terra Collection can take on the sweat from vinyasa in a hot yoga studio, or a hike up the tallest mountain. It can similarly endure the salt water from a dive in the deep blue sea, all without concern for tarnishing metal or skin allergies. The long, braided rope used in some of the designs allows the wearer to twist, wrap, double, knot or drape the piece. This brings out creativity and originality in every wearer.


“I wanted to design for the explorer, the yogi, the naturalist, the rock climber, the deep sea diver; for the one who wants to feel in harmony with nature, and wear something day in and day out, without having to worry about it on their adventures.”


The collection retails from $150 to $285.


Sharon Wei Designs was established in 2003 as a gemstone fashion design company. Sharon Wei is based in Columbus and sells her many unique collections through jewelry stores across the U.S. and Canada. More information is available online at Jewelry store buyers interested in carrying Sharon Wei Designs are directed to 614-889-9292 or email Celebrate the Spirit of Women.