The Emotions of the Paler Shades of Purple


Carefully blending the right amount of red and blue will result in shades of Violet and Lavender.

By combining the energy and strength of red with the integrity of blue, these shades are a balance between stimulation and serenity; the link between activity and thought; and the harmony of passion and peace.  Lavender is perhaps the most feminine and the tenderest of all shades. Violet is an intensified version of lavender.

Gems that depict these colors are amethyst, flourite, iolite, tanzanite, tourmaline, sapphires amongst others. The gems pair well with either gold or silver and can be mixed and matched with corresponding cool shades or contrasting warm hues.

The hottest color palette for 2018 includes Ultra Violet and Pink Lavender.

Why are Violet and Lavender so alluring?

  • Violet is the color of imagination and spirituality. 
  • It promotes introspection; allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts.
  • Lavender is beauty and femininity in full color.
  • It is youthful, like a garden in spring – full of promise.
  • It symbolizes creativity. People who live under this color are visionaries.
  • Lavender promotes healing, relaxation, cleanliness and purity. 
  • Lavender relieves tension.

“Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.” — Regina Brett


How to wear Violet and Lavender?

  1. Sophistication with a playful flair
    Wear a causal Lavender blouse with denim pants, or wear a denim jacket over an elegant Lavender dress. This look can be sophisticated with a playful flair.  To accentuate your sophistication, pick jewelry that is simple.  As an example, our Bubbles has a dash of violet adorned with large white pearls (white is another all time favorite color to go with both lavender and blue denim) and gold chain.  To bring out more of the playful side, Plum Passion ties lavender and blue together nicely, the length of the necklace adds the movement and liveliness that bring out the playful side of the wearer. 
  2. Powerful, subtly
    A lavender blazer over a simple white blouse will add a sophisticated and powerful edge to your office wardrobe. It combines office look of being a professional with fashion.  To compliment this look,  the right jewelry would create a contrast against the white blouse while echo the lavender in the blazer, in a style that combines simplicity for the professional environment with finer intricacy to bring out the fashion edge.   Violaceous is designed to meet your needs.
  3. Regal
    A single piece in Lavender or Violet, or any shade of purple, paired with minimalistic accessories, will surely turn heads.  Regality is more than the surface.  It is richness.  It is charisma.  it is an air that says you are unique, different, graceful, and that you rise above.  A design that depicts an air of regality is this one of a kind Avant-garde.
  4. Quiescent and thoughtful
    Introduce a third color to your outfit. Mix Lavender with silver or gray.  Mix the lighter shades of purple with a subdued darker hue and a metallic shade to express the side of you that is tranquil, loving and thoughtful.  This color mix is equally feminine, shifts emphasis to the mature side, the side that is the safe haven that has loved and protected every one of us.  A design that helps bring out this facet of feminine beauty is Midnight Reef.


Whatever Violet or Lavender you choose to wear, boots, a hat, a blouse or a pendant, it brings out a facet of you that is authentic and beautiful.  On the fashion side, you can rest assured that you are wearing one of the season’s hottest colors. As good easy as the color is on the eye, it is as good for your soul. 

To find your palder shades of purple, go to our search bar in the upper right and type in your favorite purple gemstone. If you own  a store, to view a collection of our designs with shades of Violet and Lavender, Click here