1. Atlantis


    "Atlantis" Necklace 19"-20" Tiered two strand necklace. Kyanite, aquamarine, and large freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp. Learn More
  2. Andromeda


    "Andromeda" Necklace. 18"-19" three strand bib. Amethyst, citrine, FWP, chrysocolla . Sterling findings. Learn More
  3. Seaside Picnic

    Seaside Picnic

    "Seaside Picnic" Necklace 20" Peridot, green garnet, and large freshwater pearls. Sterling Clasp. Learn More
  4. Stellar Harmony

    Stellar Harmony

    "Stellar Harmony" 19" triple strand with ruby-in-zoisite, garnet, freshwater pearls, smoky quartz. Sterling findings. Learn More
  5. Daffodil


    "Daffodil" Necklace. 19" Green kyanite, citrine, and freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp. Learn More
  6. Ocean Blush

    Ocean Blush

    "Ocean Blush" Necklace. 19" Aquamarine, rhodolite garnet. Sterling silver. Learn More
  7. Honey Caramel

    Honey Caramel

    "Honey CaramelÓ Necklace. 40" Carnelian, lemon quartz, tiger's eye, and FWP. Sterling findings. Learn More
  8. Shimmering Sea

    Shimmering Sea

    "Shimmering Sea" Necklace 20" Three strand bib. Aquamarine, freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp Learn More
  9. Verity


    Regular Price: $410.00

    Special Price $350.00

    "Verity" 20" single strand of enamel and freshwater pearls. Sterling findings. Standard Colors: White Learn More
  10. TanzaTale


    "TanzaTale" Necklace. 40". Tanzanite, agate, freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp. Learn More