1. Bordeaux


    "Bordeaux" 18" Single strand of rhodolite petals and oval pearls accented with sterling beads. Sterling. Standard colors: As shown. Learn More
  2. Violaceous


    "Violaceous" 20" Single strand necklace. Amethyst, lapis, freshwater pearls. Sterling. Learn More
  3. Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not

    "Forget Me Not" Necklace. 19". Aquamarine, lemon quartz, peridot. Sterling silver. Learn More
  4. Serenity


    Regular Price: $295.00

    Special Price $265.00

    "Serenity" 16" + 2" extender single strand of black spinel, freshwater pearls, resin enamel. Sterling findings. Standard Colors: Black Learn More
  5. Calla Lily

    Calla Lily

    "Calla Lily"Ê Necklace. 18" Y shape with stick, oval and semi-round freshwater pearls, and rose quartz. Sterling findings. Learn More
  6. Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    "Santa Monica" Necklace. 40" Charoite, quartz, freshwater pearls. Sterling findings. Learn More
  7. Under The Mistletoe

    Under The Mistletoe

    "Under The Mistletoe" 40" single strand of garnet with keshi, oval & semi round freshwater pearls. Sterling findings. Learn More
  8. Violetine


    ÒVioletine" 40" Necklace. Amethyst, tourmaline, freshwater pearls. Sterling. Learn More
  9. Dewy Meadow

    Dewy Meadow

    "Dewy Meadow" 40" Necklace. Green chlorite phantom quartz, garnet, tourmaline, and freshwater pearls. Sterling. Learn More
  10. Blueberry Icing

    Blueberry Icing

    "Blueberry Icing" Necklace. 19". Double strand. Aquamarine, lapis, freshwater pearls. Sterling silver. Learn More
  11. Aqua fairy

    Aqua fairy

    "Aqua fairy" 40" Necklace. Aquamarine, grey agate, and freshwater pearls. ÊSterling clasp. Learn More
  12. Evening Song

    Evening Song

    "Evening Song" Necklace 36" Labradorite, large freshwater pearls. No clasp. Learn More
  13. iCandy


    "iCandy" 40" Necklace. Onyx, amethyst, peridot, smokey quartz, fluorite and freshwater pearls. Sterling. Learn More
  14. Moonlit Sky

    Moonlit Sky

    "Moonlit Sky" Necklace. 40" Kyanite, chalcedony, FWP. Sterling findings. Learn More
  15. Berry Whisper

    Berry Whisper

    "Berry WhisperÓ Necklace. 18"-19" Amethyst, citrine, FWP, chalcedony. Sterling findings. Learn More