di Terra

di Terra

  1. Rippled Lake

    Rippled Lake

    Enjoy this exciting collaboration of rough amethyst with a splash of polished agate, labradorite and freshwater pearl on hand braided 34” silk rope. Be unpredictable; the flexible fastener allows for variable length. Learn More
  2. Royal Summit

    Royal Summit

    This 19" necklace, with hand braided silk rope, will enchant you. Become a princess, marveling at distant snow capped mountains, as portrayed by the amethyst and freshwater pearls. Learn More
  3. Playful


    Lustrous lengths of hand braided silk rope are ornamented on each end with two large freshwater pearls; another embellishes the centre. This 68” open necklace invites playful creativity – wrap it, loop it, tie it… have fun with it. Learn More
  4. Twilight Summit

    Twilight Summit

    The synchronicity of starry white and celestial blue create a rapturous display as freshwater pearls and lapis encircle this 19” hand braided silk rope necklace. Experience the magnetism of twilight. Learn More
  5. Quiet Summit

    Quiet Summit

    Silent contrasts of dark smoky quarts and light freshwater pearls demonstrate harmony. Delicately strung on hand braided silk rope, this 19” necklace whispers a promise of peace. Learn More
  6. Alluring Path

    Alluring Path

    Mingling colourful ellipses of tumbled faceted tourmaline with droplets of freshwater pearls, this 19” necklace, with hand braided silk rope, appeals to the adventurer within. Learn More
  7. Tranquil Meadow

    Tranquil Meadow

    This versatile 36” Necklace can be worn in two ways. It features large freshwater pearls between dainty lines of labradorite and peridot which have been stylishly strung on a hand braided silk rope. Tranquility is colourful in this playful piece. Learn More
  8. Water Lily

    Water Lily

    Strung on 36" of hand braided silk rope, a blossom of freshwater pearls promise you peace, purity and pleasure. The clasp is a silk loop over a single pearl. Learn More
  9. Willow


    As tranquil as a serene summer day, peridot and labradorite dreamily mingle with freshwater pearls to adorn a languorous 46” hand braided silk rope. Learn More