1. Ornaments-Bridal


    "Ornaments-Bridal" - 18" Y shaped link necklace with large 9mm circled pearls of various colors. Sterling findings. Standards Colors: White. Learn More
  2. Spotlight


    "BR5040N-18"18" Bridal - Bib with clusters of long dangles. ÊFreshwater pearls. Sterling Silver. Learn More
  3. Hawaiian Princess-Bridal

    Hawaiian Princess-Bridal

    "Hawaiian Princess-Bridal" - 18" double strand consisting of oval pearls, garnet and peridot. Standard Colors: As shown. Sterling findings. Learn More
  4. Bouquet


    "Bouquet" 18" single strand, consisting of keshi pearls, chalcedony, and crystals . Sterling findings. Learn More
  5. Eternity-Bridal


    "Eternity-Bridal" - 18" Bridal three-row collar with dangles. Made of pearls and crystals. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  6. First Dance

    First Dance

    "First Dance " - 18" double strand of keshi and oval freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp. Learn More
  7. Heirloom-Bridal


    "Heirloom-Bridal" - 18" Bridal V shape necklace made of semi-round and keshi pearls. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  8. Tiara-Bridal


    "Tiara-Bridal" - 18" Bridal necklace made of two sizes of semi-round pearls. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  9. First Lady

    First Lady

    "First Lady" Necklace. 19" Single strand. 7-9mm white graduated pearls with 5mm black pearls. Sterling findings. Standard colors: As Shown. Learn More
  10. Fairy Circle

    Fairy Circle

    "Fairy Circle" Necklace. 18" single strand of semi round pearls, circles of rebirth pearls, and crystals. Sterling findings. Learn More