1. Fairy Circle

    Fairy Circle

    "Fairy Circle" Necklace. 18" single strand of semi round pearls, circles of rebirth pearls, and crystals. Sterling findings. Learn More
  2. First Lady

    First Lady

    "First Lady" Necklace. 19" Single strand. 7-9mm white graduated pearls with 5mm black pearls. Sterling findings. Standard colors: As Shown. Learn More
  3. Tiara-Bridal


    "Tiara-Bridal" - 18" Bridal necklace made of two sizes of semi-round pearls. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  4. Heirloom-Bridal


    "Heirloom-Bridal" - 18" Bridal V shape necklace made of semi-round and keshi pearls. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  5. First Dance

    First Dance

    "First Dance " - 18" double strand of keshi and oval freshwater pearls. Sterling clasp. Learn More
  6. Eternity-Bridal


    "Eternity-Bridal" - 18" Bridal three-row collar with dangles. Made of pearls and crystals. Standard Colors: White. Sterling findings. Learn More
  7. Bouquet


    "Bouquet" 18" single strand, consisting of keshi pearls, chalcedony, and crystals . Sterling findings. Learn More
  8. Hawaiian Princess-Bridal

    Hawaiian Princess-Bridal

    "Hawaiian Princess-Bridal" - 18" double strand consisting of oval pearls, garnet and peridot. Standard Colors: As shown. Sterling findings. Learn More
  9. Spotlight


    "BR5040N-18"18" Bridal - Bib with clusters of long dangles. ÊFreshwater pearls. Sterling Silver. Learn More
  10. Ornaments-Bridal


    "Ornaments-Bridal" - 18" Y shaped link necklace with large 9mm circled pearls of various colors. Sterling findings. Standards Colors: White. Learn More