1. Evening Star

    Evening Star

    Garnet droplets decorate the tips of the yellow gold chain to create earrings both striking and delicate. Matching 19” Necklace available. Learn More
  2. Morning Star

    Morning Star

    Twinkles of apatite dangle delicately from the gold chain. Matching 19" Necklace available. 9K. Learn More
  3. Ocean Glint

    Ocean Glint

    A glint of the ocean cupping your face. Labradorite and freshwater pearl ripple together on fine 9K yellow gold chain. Matching 19” Necklace available. Learn More
  4. Lunar Reflection

    Lunar Reflection

    The moonlight reflected off your face with dangling 9K yellow gold earrings featuring tourmaline and keshi pearls. Matching 32" Necklace available. Learn More
  5. Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    Freshwater pearl drops dangle under a morsel of peridot. These dainty 9K yellow gold dangle earrings hint at summer. Matching 26” Necklace available. Learn More