1. Lunar Reflection

    Lunar Reflection

    Romance in reflection as the moon mirrors your soul. Tumbles of tourmaline, garnet, aquamarine and keshi pearls echo along 32” of fine 9K yellow gold chain. Matching earrings available. Learn More
  2. Bubbles


    This playful 34” Necklace features a flirtatious tassel of tourmaline, iolite, garnet, and pearl. Slip the fine 9K yellow gold chain over your neck and put on happy and fun. Matching earrings available. Learn More
  3. Golden Shore

    Golden Shores

    Like little treasures, one of a kind freshwater pearls lie wrapped in 9K yellow gold “Bird’s Nests”. The 19” Necklace features a scattering of small pearls and golden beads, like footsteps in beach sand. Matching earrings available. Learn More
  4. Beach Sangria

    Beach Sangria

    An exciting cocktail of labradorite, peridot, garnet and freshwater pearls on a double strand of yellow gold chains. A 26” Necklace that invites you to sip sangria and enjoy the view. Matching earrings available. Clasp 9K Learn More