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Style Box Merchandise Request

To help us CUSTOMIZE a Style Box specifically for your store & clientele, please tell us a few things:

What is the demographics of your clientele?:

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Authentic and statement designs in the colors of the season, complementing the latest fashion.

MSRP $250-$595

Fairytale Wedding

Dreamy sensual appearance that sparkles the magic of wedding, on your big day and beyond.

MSRP $50-$350

Di Terra Collection

Created for the spiritual explorer, this metal free collection speaks peace and tranquility, makes the wearer one with nature.

MSRP $150-$285

Lido Collection

Epitomizing the colors of Amalfi Coast, Lido is styled to bring you sophistication, boldness amid subtlety hard-wrapped with love in 9K.

MSRP $500 - $1250

Belle Vallee

Skillfully blending the elegance of tradition with a modern edge, Belle Vallee features one of a kind color stone designs, adorned in 18K and diamonds.

MSRP $1250 - $6500

If there was ONE thing you wish your vendors could do for you, what would it be?

I have requested Sharon Wei Designs to send me a Style Box - a selection of designs hand picked for me based on my preferences. I will have FIVE business days to look through and decide which items to keep. By guaranteeing with a credit card I will receive PrePay cost (9-10% discount off Net 30) on all the items I keep. I agree that any items NOT returned by Due Date will be charged to the credit card provided below, which I am an authorized user of. The price I would pay would be PrePay. If I returned all items by Due Date, I would owe nothing.

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